About Us

Melrose Asia Limited is a reliable and fastest growing premier manufacturer, exporter & large capacity vendor of fashion apparels producing almost all items in Kint, Woven and Sweater category for Women, Men & Children. The company has been established in 2011 by the number of young, dynamic and enthusiastic professionals having 15 years continuous experience in apparel industry home and abroad. By the manipulation of this wonderful experience, brilliant knowledge and skilled management capacity, Melrose Asia Ltd has been emerged as a giant group of companies in Bangladesh. We are engaged in manufacturing and supporting our valued clients to source high quality apparel with a correct price and product compliance mix. Our state of the art facilities and partners factories are fully certified with all compliance requirements such as BSCI, OEKO-TEX, WARP, ACCORD etc.

Boasting our own big-volume production in Bangladesh and local representatives in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Australia. We manufacture all kinds of garments – knitwear, denim, woven. By pooling our orders to a few selected manufacturers, we can offer competitive prices and short lead times. When working together with us you become part of our team, which includes a designated contact person as well as skilled garment technicians who ensure your collection gets the right design, fitting and sizing. In addition, our on-site QC staff performs in-line and final inspection according to Bangladesh Garments Association act. For more information about what Melrose Asia Ltd can offer you and your brand.

Our integrity, commitment and team work give us confidence and ultimate satisfaction. We value the people who trust and rely on us and we keep them relying.


We are committed to doing what is right towards a partnership with integrity in the community to conduct our business with the environment in mind.


Melrose Asia Limited is devoted to be global local supplier in apparel industry through integrity, continuous automation, quality products, commitment, Social compliance’s and other social dignity and responsibility.

Our Values

The core values of our business are loyalty, respect, honesty, teamwork and customers focus. They are embodied in an organizational culture of trust and partnership. This enduring strength unites our staff in a dedication to solving problems and delivering outstanding products for our customers.